The Adventures of TooTs

About Us

Chris:  Spent a few years travelling in Australia then many years working hard at Debenhams gave us the opportunity to save up for toys and Toots.  Now middle aged you think I would be slowing down, perhaps in quite a few years time I may put it on my 'to do' list....


Graeme:  Early years spent in Assam, Malawi and Uganda. Full and interesting career in Royal Air Force with time spent in places not on the average tourist trail.  Main sports: parachuting including Base jumping (Base23) but past 15 years returned to anything on the water.  Not ready for the gardening years just yet....
















Both of us now looking for more adventures on Toots before age makes us too sensible - or we lose the bottle.      







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Plymouth, RS 800 racing


Tiree - Waiting for the wind to kite