The Adventures of TooTs

6 Jan 11

Portimao: Christmas and New Year


About half the liveaboards in the marina went back to their various homes around the world for Christmas but there was still enough of us left to have a very sociable time.


In addition, Christine's sister, Janet, and family flew out to see us which was great.  Their appartment was huge (well, in comparison to our cabin) so it was a pleasure to lounge about on the sofa in the evenings and take advantage of such luxuries as washing machines.   The weather wasn't perfect but we managed to get out every day, starting with walks on Rocha beach along the boardwalk.      


Rocha Boardwalk

On Christmas Day Janet, Chris and Graeme went body boarding whilst Mike searched for a coffee & cognac, Emma watched her 'Vans' go swimming and Alice was looking forward to visiting the Sardine Museum.


'The Vans' get wet

The 'Vans'

Rocha Boardwalk

Anne and Mike, sailing friends from Exmouth, joined us for Christmas Dinner in the appartment and we enjoyed our first night off the boat in 6 months.  A very strange feeling not having the continuous movement of the boat.


Taking advantage of the sunshine on Boxing Day, we drove to Cape St Vicente where we were astonished to see fishermen fishing from the top of 300ft vertical cliffs.  At times the swell was breaking halfway up the cliffs and we could easily see how a number of the fishermen are lost in the winter months when they are swept or blown from their precarious perches.    

St Vicente fishing

St Vicente Fishermen

On the way back, we stopped at Sagres for pizza and fruit on the beach?

Melons and Oranges

Oranges and marrows

We eat out on several evenings and enjoyed the Christmas decorations in Portimao.

Portimao Xmas Tree

Portimao Christmas Tree..

On the last day of their visit, we took advantage of Mike's minibus to do a heavy weight shop, returning back to the boat in a tropical downpour.  Janet and Chris made a tasty final meal in the appartment before Janet and co flew back the following day to the snow in Exeter.  

New Years Eve found us having a Pontoon Party on board Jackie's and Graham's catamaran, Sagitta.  At one stage we had 18 onboard.  Just before midnight we all walked the 5 minutes to Rocha Beach to watch a spectacular fireworks display along the whole beachfront.  We then finished the night off back on Sagitta until the early hours.  To put it mildly, we were all feeling a bit 'dusty' on New Years day.