The Adventures of TooTs

27 July 10

We left Falmouth midday last Friday with the intention of sailing direct to Sada in Galicia.  Mike, a sailing friend joined us for the leg as he wished to do a long passage.  All started well with a perfect NW wind to take us west then south.  Unfortunately, by the early hours, Mike started to feel decidedly unwell.  By midday Saturday it was clear that carrying on to Spain was perhaps not in Mike's best interest -  Mike had showed no signs of giving up his passionate embrace of a very nice orange B&Q bucket.  We diverted to Brest which was about 45 miles away to the east so it was a long slog back to land. On approaching Brest the viz dropped to below a mile.  An anxious 6 hours followed negotiating the rocks, none of which we saw - thank goodness for technology : thank you GPS, radar and AIS!  In the old days, we would never have approached this coast in such conditions, particularly with spring tides.















As darkness fell, we gratefully dropped anchor off Camaret in the rain and mist.  Sunday dawned with sunshine streaming through the saloon windows.  Sadly even the return of better weather didn't convince Mike to carry on for Spain so we headed for Brest Marina where Mike left to catch the ferry home.  




















With no need to rush on, we will explore the Rade de Brest for a few days before checking weather to head south for Galicia again.  The joys of sailing: never knowing what the next day will bring.  We will make the most of it and enjoy this unexpected stopover.    

Falmouth anchorage The  Lizard Chris pondering the Biscay crossing Brest Marina French know how to sail

Chris pondering the Biscay

About to leave Falmouth

The Lizard

Brest Marina

The French know how to the