The Adventures of TooTs

21 Mar 12

Grenada to Union Island

After nearly 2 months enjoying Grenada, we lifted the anchor at 0645 and slipped out of Prickly Bay under genoa.  Rounding the south west corner of Grenada, we hoisted the mainsail and close-hauled along the west coast in a comfortable 15 kts.


As expected, on reaching the north coast, the wind was on the nose for Carriacou.  Not wanting to approach Carriacou in the dark, we motor-sailed to Ronde Island then sailed most of the rest of the way to Tyrrel Bay, Carriacou Island where we anchored in beautiful clear water.


Tyrrel Bay is a real gem: a very laid-back atmosphere with a long sandy beach and a mangrove lagoon.  The local yacht club, once found, was well worth a stop for a beer on the verandah,







Carriacou Yacht Club Sign carriacou Yacht club verandah

which overlooked the bay.

As our next stop was Union Island (part of St Vincent), we had to take a bus to Hillsborough to check out with immigration and customs.   Again this was a great experience as it was like sharing a minibus with friends who did their shopping at the various shops on route.  I wonder what would happen if I asked our local No 7 bus driver back in Plymouth just to pull over whilst I bought a pumkin from Tescos...and then to pull in agian on the return trip so that I could pick up my change: brilliant.

Another early start saw us dropping anchor in Clifton, Union Island the following morning.  The anchorage was busy.  With a 20+ kt wind and strong current flowing, we were glad to get the hook down without too much trouble and get into town to clear customs and immigartion.  At  customs our hearts sank when the official told us we would have to go to the airport to clear in with immigration.  However this was not the problem we initially thought; the airport was only a 5 minute walk along the beach!

Clifton roundabout Union Island

Main roundabout Clifton

The anchorage in Clifton was frenetic to say the least:  many 'boat boys' buzzing around at 15 kts trying to persuade new arrivals to take one of their moorings ( probably not a wise move) and loads of charter boats.  After 2 nights we moved to the anchorage off Frigate Island.  What a difference: only 4 boats and no reef just downwind of us....and crystal clear water.



Frigate 1

Frigate Island Anchorage

Better still, we can kitesurf from a small beach here and the water is perfectly flat......we will probably stay for a while.

Carriacou Yacht Club - view from verandah