The Adventures of TooTs

11 Feb 12


Time has flown since we dropped anchor in Prickly Bay.


We have found our way around the essentials of life on the island: where to buy food and how to get there, where to get water and gas, where to dispose of rubbish, where to do laundry, what bars do happy hour and when.......the list goes on.  


This living on a boat is hard work....okay, well, maybe yes, the surrounds do make up for it.  But we are suffering the hardship of the local brewery (Caribe) being on strike.


The work started when we went on the hard in Spice Island Marine Yard for a week.  We cleaned Toots's bottom, applied new antifoul paint and did a whole load of other maintenance work, including fixing a new Hydrovane shaft.  


Actually getting the new Hydrovane shaft from the UK was interesting.  Apparently the first replacement was sent to the Cape Verdes Islands by mistake...and is still being held there; thankfully not our problem.  There was no way we were going back to the Cape Verdes to collect!    








We've also been running with the Grenada Hash House Harriers.  We were surprised to find more than 300 runners at the first Hash.  

Last weekend we went to the Grenada Workboat Sailing Festival on Grand Anse Beach.  












Now this is how boat racing should be done.  No fancy high tech equipment (bamboo for spars etc), a Le Mans start, crew numbers optional (but a 'bailer' man probably more essential than a trimmer) and the finish line on the beach at the committee tent: the skipper had to run to the race officer and down a hefty rum and coke before the boat was counted as finishing the course.



Grenada Workboat Racing 2 (TW) Grenada Hash House Hariers 5 Grenada Workboat Racing 8

The brigh colours of the boats and music pumping at full blast made it a real festival and great for spectators.  The racing was competitive and when the wind rose to 25+ knots the skill of the crews was clearly evident.  We would have loved to have had a go but the closest we got was helping a capsized boat ashore.  

Wheel music Spice Island Marine lift.2 Grenada HHH start

A great mixture of nationalities and a trail that took us to hill tops that gave superb vistas across the many bays in the south of Grenada.  




And as it was the first time we had run since Lanzarote - and only moving around in a space the size of a small garage during the crossing -  we certainly felt the steep hills.  Chris's first Caribe beer after the finish didn't have time to get warm.

Chris finish GHHH

We are now looking at our options of where to go next but, at the moment, we are in no rush to move.  We are still very much enjoying Grenada